Warehousing & Transportation

We provide several key storage and transport services from which we can create effective logistics solutions designed to tackle any logistical needs.

We have access to warehouses across India and can arrange space for your cargo on demand. We ensure that your cargo is in the best hands. With our vast network throughout India we can manage or make arrangements for your cargo in or out of any location across India. Our transportation infrastructure and our relation with nationwide network of key transport operators ensure safe and speedy delivery of your cargo to any part of the country.

Our carefully positioned strategic alliances with transporters ensure that your deliveries have access to the India’s main ports, airports and network of motorways at a moment’s notice.

We have access to specialized delivery vehicles comprising of everything from small vans, trucks to lorries. We ensure that each delivery is not only made with the most appropriate specialist vehicle but also by a committed and specifically trained driver, which are essential to the success of our service, handling all loads and situations with the utmost care and professionalism.